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CrystalPlay is game development company founded in October 2010.
We're specializing in making web and mobile games. Our first product is "Battlespell" a fast paced dueling card game set in a fantasy world, available at this moment for both iPhone and web platforms. Feel free to contact us.

Our dedicated team

the source of all fiendish plans consists essentially of this guys:

Denis Chakarov


Game design, web and game development.
Loves to write, read and play.
His most advanced, yet newest skill is adding skills in LinkedIn.

Stoyan Kamburov


Art, animation, game and graphic design.
Finds the humor in any situation, except this one.
Personal website: www.stonehandstudio.com


our fun delivering creations:


Defend your base against hordes of hungry dinosaurus and evil thugs in this prehistoric fun action packed tower defense game with RTS elements.


Battlespell is a duel-card game based in a fantasy world of mighty warriors, powerfull magicians and cunning tacticians, where magic is the source of everything.

Typemaster game with a cute spy theme. Use your gadgets to decipher and record the secrets of your rivals.

Alien sidescroller game. Fly, jump, shoot and collect some glowing alien balls with the mean green machine called Zax.


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